Chugging along....

So after the exhausting first month of book promotions, Valentines Day romance author fiestas, and the singular joy of living in a body that detests winter with the fire of a thousand osteoporatic suns, I finally have had time to really buckle down on CURSED, the second book in the Mrs Pig series.

I have a feeling it is going to be a similarly huge book to COVENED. It feels weighty, and has already required a lot of thought and tinkering to get the first part of Maggie’s experience after the ending of COVENED right. Not so dark you want to hide and cry, but not so light that you don’t feel the weight of what happened.. and OMGoddess, do you feel it.

I’m currently writing a chapter with the sexy ginger everyone wants to know more about. No, I won’t tell you more. Except that I love Hope. I could write about her picking her nose and I’d still be sitting here leaking from the face.

CURSED also now has a cover! It’s gorgeous and made by the same cover designer, Steven Swanson. He’s pretty damn awesome!

I don’t have a preorder up yet, I want to get more done before I decide, but as long as the weather gives me an effing break and life in general decides to back to F off hopefully I will have that for you soon ;p

In other news, my Badassery friends Rowan Thalia, Jarica James, and Blake Blessing all have books out this month! Rowan has Binding Rayne. Blake has Bonds of the Mazza, and Jarica has both Realm of Shadows and Pinch of Sass with Chloe Gunter! Get you some RH goodness from these phenomenal authors. They won’t let you down!